Subject Re: [IBO] Huge performance differential
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hello Lane,

> This is a "parallel" to another message I sent via my work e-mail (lcampbell@...).
> The query was: select * from constituents order by constituentid. It's connected via a TIBODatabase connector. The FetchWholeRows property is True.
> The Constituents table has 16,223 records
> Cols: 33, of which 1 is a Blob/Text/80. The others are integer or string type.
> As I continue to fiddle with the test app in Delphi2010, I've determined that the time lag seems mostly associated with the loading of the DevEx grid control, since in the Delphi IDE, if I unhook the query& change it to Active, I get very little time lag. Hook the query to the grid, and the time goes up to 24-27 seconds.
> I've since set up another query and grid that selects (4) columns -- (2) integer& (2) strings. It runs& loads the grid in about 12 seconds. So the blob& field count (the shear volume) is one issue; the loading of the DevEx control is another.
> The "native" Delphi dbExpress object -- a TClientDataset -- is running the full (select * from...) query and loading the DevEx grid in about 2 seconds. It's also allocating roughly 14Mb of memory as it does so.
> So ... what I'm trying to find out is ... what is the dbExpress object doing that the IBOQuery is not, and is there any IBO object that does something similar?

I would use e.g. TIB_MonitorDialog to see what's going on behind the scene.

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