Subject RE: [IBO] A new question about TIBOTable
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>Hej Sven
>Do you think Migrating BDE/Paradox to BDE/Firebird as a first step in migrating to IB_/Firebird is a good idea?

No, BDE is great for single user, desktop applications, but not for multi-user environments with proper client/server databases like Firebird.

>I've found that BDE does include an InterBase driver. But will it support Firebird 2.5, or will I need an earlier version like Firebird 1.5?

I don't know, I wouldn't expect it to work (I think user management changed). Somehow, I would only "trust" syntax belonging to IB 6.0 to work (so it should be aware of Dialect 3), but I might be wrong.

>Knowing that the BDE is broken, I'd like to get away from it as soon as possible. I know how to keep it running in my current BDE/Paradox >setting, but the idea of having to struggle with BDE in a new context like Firebird doesn't appeal to me.

I was only talking about how I perceive it conceptually, using BDE with Firebird might have been a good idea to get an impression of Firebird when programming things the Paradox way, but it is certainly not a good idea for any production environment. And compared to BDE/Firebird, I would expect IBO/Firebird to have better performance, although you won't get great performance until your programming style (and your users way of finding data) changes from tables to datasets (well, I don't yet know the size of your tables, if they only contain a few hundred or thousand rows, there might not be much gain - if you use tables with millions of rows in Paradox, then thinking in terms of datasets is far better). TIBO vs. TIB_ is less of an issue, though TIB_ allows you to use a few handy components that aren't as readily available with TIBO (TIBO is based on TIB_ anyway).