Subject RE: [IBO] A new question about TIBOTable
Author Jacob Havkrog
Hej Sven

Thanks for your kind answer.

As my app is using BDE and Paradox, I don't see any other way to get to using the Firebird database other than switch BDE and Paradox to IBO and Firebird in one go.

Is there another way?

I have worked intermittently on this for a year, and I'm now at a point, where it is up and running, Infopower grids are functioning, QuickReport reports are ok, etc. I think this problem with transactions is my last hurdle in this phase.

I have dual version code with {$IFDEF BDE} and {$IFDEF FIREBIRD} conditional defines, a GReplace script and a datapump in place, so I can keep the app in the air on the BDE while working on the migration.

You are right, at this point the IBO/Firebird version is slower than the BDE/Paradox version.

When my app is running correctly using BDO/Firebird, my next step will be to look for ways to utilize the IBObjects and Firebird more fully.


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