Subject RE: [IBO] Huge performance differential
Author Support List

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> > Any answers, pointers, tips greatly appreciated, as we've got
> > a history of highly satisfactory use of IBObjects with Delphi
> > 7 (although with a similar performance hit loading DevEx grids
> > from TIBOQuery)...
> Any blob fields in the records being loaded? Only asking
> because I know there was a performance problem found (Mar 2010)
> that related to loading of blobs. Just wondered if there was a
> chance the problem had raised its head again.

Actually, come to think of it, I believe there remains a rather significant
improvement I need to make with regard to blob streaming. I yet use the
segmentation approach instead of the whole stream approach when retrieving
blob data.

This is totally non-sensical because segmentation was back in the day that
you only wanted (for example) 80 columns of characters because that is what
fit across one line of your terminal. We are long past those days. I wonder
why the concept of segmentation is persisting to the extent that it is.

Anyway, I too would be highly interested in having a closer look at this
issue in the event that it is blobs that are responsible.

Jason LeRoy Wharton