Subject RE: [IBO] How complete is the keyword list in IB_Parse.pas?
Author Support List

> are there any plans to complete the keyword list in IB_Parse.pas?

Yes, there are now that you have drawn my attention to this. <g>

> I'm on 4.9.<something> after upgrading, where I had forgotten to backup
> my changes in IB_Parse.pas in respect to missing keywords. My changes
> weren't complete anyway, but releasing a new version of IB LogManager
> introduced a regression in respect to not supporting particular database
> object names.

Ouch. Sorry about that.

> Perhaps you could take the following discussion/keyword list:
> keywords-in-2-5-td3022079.html

Will do.

> As input to extend the keyword list in IB_Parse properly? At the link
> above, at the end of the thread, there is a download to a csv file with
> keywords per SQL standard etc.

Jason Wharton