Subject RE: [IBO] Changing Grid cells automatically
Author Roger Vellacott
Do it in the OnValidate method of the field.

Procedure TMyForm.QMyQueryDATE_1Validate(Sender:TField);
QMyQuery.FieldByName('DATE_2').AsDateTime := Sender.AsDateTime + 14;

If field objects are created dynamically, set up the OnValidate in the AfterOpen of the query.

QMyQuery.FieldByName('DATE_1').OnValidate := QMyQueryDATE_1Validate;

Roger Vellacott

Hi, I have date fields in a Grid. If I add a new date in column1 then I want an updated date (i.e plus 2 weeks) to appear in column2.
How do I do this? Should I periodically just use a loop or is there a better way.


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