Subject Re: I've got an application that was written with an old IBO version...
Author Joe
I am very interested in the answer to this question as well, as I am in the same situation.


--- In, "Michel" <mlcvista@...> wrote:
> Hello !
> My question is may be stupid, but I would like to get your opinion.
> My old application was written with ibo v4.3Aa... and was running with Firebird 1.03...
> I would like to run it with the new Firbird 2.5...So I've made a backup and a restore...
> But now I've got in my application some errors like "Impossible to affect TIBOFloatfield to Tstringlist..." If I recompile the source code with lasr IBO version, does this may be solved ? (I think the IBO version was too old...)
> Thank you in advance for your response.
> With best Regards,
> Michel