Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Connection.Connect taking 6 hours
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Did you use any monitoring tool to try to check what was going on with
the server?

Ie: FBSCanner, Sinatica, etc.

BTW, I never seem such big delay during connection. My first guess
would be system resources getting exhausted.

You may want to try to identify if the delay was really to connect, or
was in some routine (or even connection trigger) doing something
*after* the connect already happened. For example, if a huge table had
all its records deleted, there can be a lot of garbage to be
collected, and GC can take really long time. The GC can be started
when some routine does a select in that table.

Carlos H. Cantu - -

TG> Hello,

TG> I didn't get any reply on the firebird-support list, so I am asking
TG> for help around here now!

TG> I am using Firebird 2.5.0 Embedded with IBObjects.

TG> One of my customers has a pretty extreme use case for my application.

TG> The EXE is invoked maybe around 1000 times per day. Every time it opens
TG> and closes one of several Firebird databases. Several instances of the
TG> program can run in parallel, but each will use a separate database.

TG> Maybe once in a few days, there is a delay opening the database.

TG> For example, in one case, the command

TG> IB_Connection.Connect;

TG> took 6 hours. The database size in this case was 386MB and the main
TG> table contains 688654 rows.

TG> What could cause such a delay and how can I avoid it?

TG> Thanks for any tips.

TG> Cheers,
TG> Tobias

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