Subject RE: [IBO] Delphi XE2
Author Support List

> Would you recommend 5.x as the way forward?

Yes as I am about to start working solely on it. I will back port critical
bug fixes for a while but definitely move to IBO 5.x if you have opportunity
to do so.

> I understand that it is a
> architectured version.

Well, mostly its just reorganizing all of the IBO files into a set of
subfolders that makes things better organized and easier to work with. There
are also additional packages I am adding in like the IBOAdmin components.

> We will be moving to XE2 sometime before
> Christmas and will upgrade our license at that point.

That sure helps keep the lights on around here! <g>

> Keep up the good work :)

Thanks! Will do!

Actually, I plan to increase my time significantly on IBO. I am still not
quite fully recovered from getting my family resituated, but we are just
about finished with all the critical repairs that our home needs.