Subject RES: [IBO] IBO 4.5Ai with Firebird 2.1.0
Author Hrsoft@Hrsoftbrasil
Thank you.
I updated today to IBO 4.9.9, and the problem was solved.

Hércules Russano
HRsoft Informática - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
(21) - 3010-4270

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Hercules, went through the same problem when I started the test for the
version 2.01 with the IBO Firebird 4.5, I decided IBO upgrading to version
4.8.5, so far I have not had other problems with the fields BLOBs (MEMO)

Marcelo Bortolini
(by google translate)

2010/7/2 HRsoft <hrsoft@...>

> Dear Friends
> I need to run my app in a pc with FB 2.1.0 instaled. My app was compiled
> with IBO 4.5Ai.
> When run the app, I receive this error message:
> Invalid field type 'Observ', Apropriated: Memo - actual: Float
> The Tfields definitions of table are correct, ie, the field 'Observ' is
> ftMemo.
> The same message are send when the app try to open a table that has Memo
> field.
> This occur only with FB 2.1.0.
> With FB 2.01 not.
> Are IBO 4.5Ai incompatible with FB 2.1.x?
> Thanks in advance.
> Hércules.

Marcelo Bortolini

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