Subject Re: [IBO] Sort base on the Title button click
Author Thierry Holtzmann
First you have to set OrderingItems of your TIBOQuery like

MyField2= MyField2 desc (if desc ordering wanted)

then in the OnTitleButtonClick of the TwwDBGrid I do (simplified code) :

IBOQuery1.OrderingItemNo :=
IBOQuery1.OrderingItems.IndexOfName(AFieldName + 1; // OrderingItemNo
begins at 1

Le 24/11/2010 09:56, Hardy , a écrit :
> Hi,
> I have TwwDbGrid which has method of TitleButtonClick
> When I click on the Title Grid the grid returned Column Name.
> This DbGrid link to TIBOQuery,
> Now, How to sort the column on the fly, when I click on the column then
> the grid will sort the row based on the column that I click ?
> Please advice and help
> Thanks
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