Subject RE: [IBO] Deleting records, or not
Author Dmitry Beloshistov
1) Prevent delete

Procedure TMyQuery.OnBeforeDelete(….);


Abort; // <- do none


2) If user are posted delete you can do Transaction.Rollback …

3) You can create logging tables for store previos data from edited record and restore data from it if need…

From: [] On Behalf Of Emerson - IBO - Firebird
Sent: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 1:56 PM
To: IBObjects Group
Subject: [IBO] Deleting records, or not

Hi everyone!

Is there any way to "cancel" a delete command in a TIB_Query?

Let me explain: when user delete a record in a TIB_Grid i would like to
cancel this operation and replace the usual behaviour for my own set of

Maybe in OnBeforeDelete event? But, how i cancel the delete operation?


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