Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery not always recognizing eof-state
Author RenéL
Jason: I don't know if you have received my example sent as attached zip-file in mail directly to you.
If not you'll find it here:

To quote my email:
Attached you will find a little example, showing the problem with eof-state that I mentioned.
Extract the zip-file to your C:\ (with local server) - it will make a directory \IBOExample with a gdb-file, and a Delphi2010 exampleproject - source and compiled.
As I said I can only reproduce the behavior - in simple demos - using FilterRecord, but I have seen non-filtered queries in my real app. showing same behaviour.

Hope you're able to fix the problem.

Best wishes
René Laursen/SSV

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> Thanks
> I have made a little example that I will mail directly to you.
> René/SSV