Subject Re: [IBO] How to use images in a IB_Grid from the assigned imagelist?
Author Chuck Belanger
Just in case someone is interested:

You use the OnGetImageIndex, assign an ImageList to the grid.

The event code is something like

if ACol = <column you want the image to be in> then
ImageIndex := dataset.fieldbyname('image index field').asInteger;

Pretty simple actually, but there is a BUT:

It can and should be put in some column that has text, not the actual
column that is the ImageIndex value. It doesn't work that way. It gets
drawn in the front of the text, not in it's own column.

The images are messed up. One was consistently floating above the first
row in the grid. The colors are not right either.

Overall, the IB_Grid is much harder to use (could be my own familiarity
is biasing me) than the wwDBGrid.

Yes, with IB_Query it is a little faster.

Chuck Belanger
> Hello:
> I've been using wwDBGrid with IBO for years, but have a DB search grid I
> want to speed up and IB_Query is definitely faster than IBOQuery.
> I've never used IB_Grid before.
> How do you set it up so that a particular integer column uses the
> corresponding image from the assigned imagelist?
> Thanks for you help,
> Chuck Belanger