Subject Re: How to use images in a IB_Grid from the assigned imagelist?
Author aztoquetti
Hello Chuck,

Actually I dont know the answer for your question, but as we are talking about IB_Grid, I gotta a question on it.

When I used component TDBGrid, from palette Data Controls in Delphi 7, on event OnDrawDataCell I used a script that could give a color to a clicked line on DBGrid. But with component IB_Grid, this script does no work, and Ive tried to change it without success.

Ive tried to use all related events from IB_Grid (OnDrawCell, OnDrawFixedCell, OnDrawFocusedCell and OnDrawTitle).

The script I used on event OnDrawDataCell from TDBGrid was...

if ((gdSelected in State) or (gdFocused in State)) then

In this case, when I clicked a line on TDBGrid, its color was changed to Sky Blue.