Subject Re: [IBO] Link to On-Line FAQ not working
Author Jason Wharton

> Have not been able to access this link for the last few days.

I am still trying to get my permanent location setup and running. I still
have it yet running at my workstation in my home on my system that has a
tendency to flake out and I have to restart the machine from time to time to
reset it all. Our utilities here are not of the highest quality.

It's a miracle that living 30 miles out of a town with a population of 171
people that we even have DSL.

Hopefully by next week I'll have my new server (I bought a new machine)
setup and running from my place in the big city (Mesa AZ population
500,000+) where I have very reliable service. We have been unable to sell
our house so I rented it out and will run my webserver from there again.

Anyway, I'm real sorry. If anyone needs something and my Skype account is
running please try me on that and I will help you. You can find me by
searching for Jason LeRoy Wharton.

Jason Wharton