Subject Re: [IBO] GetBookmark - No record found
Author Jason Wharton
Tom, will you please send me a sample application that allows me to work
directly with the problem you are facing?
This should not be too difficult to fix if I get the exact circumstances of
the problem.
Ideally the sample should have no 3rd party dependancies.

Jason Wharton

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Subject: Re: [IBO] GetBookmark - No record found

> --- In, "Hans" <hhoogstraat@...> wrote:
>> I think you mentioned before the problems arise from using a non
>> TIBObject
>> designed 3rd party database software package. If so it will always cause
>> difficulties since althought TIBObject can be a replacement for TDatabase
>> but it is not the same as TDatabase.
> Mmm, I find this a strange remark. I use the TIBODatabase components (not
> the 'native' access components), which are just created to be compatible
> with TDatabase components.
> Besides, I reduced the problem, outside the 3rd party components, right
> into the GetBookmarks routine of IBO, so at the moment I don't think the
> problem will only arrise with the Dev Express components.
> It always worked just like it should, so I'm sure this is just a little
> snitch.
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>> Subject: [IBO] GetBookmark - No record found
>> > unfortunately the fix only solves the problem in certain circustances,
>> > I
>> > now get a lot of 'No Recorcd Found' exceptions. If I revert the code, I
>> > get AV's... this is driving me crazy. Do I've to reinstall Delphi7 to
>> > be
>> > able to move on with the development of my application?