Subject Re: [IBO] Re: IBOAdmin components for Delphi 2009?
Author Andreas Hesse
>> The 4.9.x Releases are useless for D2009, because they do not support
>> Unicode.
>> I don't have time to work on it.
>> Just waiting for the 5.0.x versions.
>> --
>> Andreas
> Andreas,
> Unicode is not the only reason for migrating to D2009. I just need a version of IBOAdmin that works with the latest version of IBO which is 4.9.x period.
> Sean.

OK, but it was not necessary to convert all string definitions to
AnsiString. A lot of thinks do not need any changes.

I updated IBO Admin, so that it will work with 4.9.3.

And I found an error in loading the client dll.

Please change following in IB_Session:

Line 808:
IB_GetClientLibNameFunc: function: string;

Line 918:
function OpenClientLibrary(libname: string): boolean;
FGDS_Handle := SafeLoadLibrary(libname);
Result := (FGDS_Handle >= 32);

and in AcquireOriginalHooks:

tmpname: string;
if FGDS_Handle < 32 then
tmpname := '';
if Assigned(IB_GetClientLibNameFunc) then
tmpname := IB_GetClientLibNameFunc;
if Length(tmpname) > 0 then
if not OpenClientLibrary(tmpname) then
else if not OpenClientLibrary(IBO_FBCLIENT_DLL) then
if not OpenClientLibrary(IBO_GDS32) then

@Jason: include this fix in the next versions. Maybe they must be
differnent for different delphi versions.

In original 4.9.3 I was not able to load the client libs from a fully
defined path.