Subject Re: Encountered [IBO] D2009 problem
Author Jason Wharton
> Just in case: Copy of message posted on 5/10/2009
> In legacy version of IBO , recompiled IBO 4.9.2
> IBODataset append fails with a memory exception (D5,D7)
> line 5686, statement
> HexTextToBinary( PAnsiString( TRecordBuffer( Data ))^,
> which in V4.8.4 read as
> HexTextToBinary( PChar( TRecordBuffer( Data ))^,

Please apply the fix to the TIB_Grid in a recent post and confirm if this
clears up this issue.

If you were using a TIB_Grid it could have corrupted the values in memory.

Kind regards,
Jason Wharton