Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Grid problem with D2009
Author cicerotw
> Can you tell us the exact error message and the call stack?
> You can use MadExcept or JCL for a running application to get it.
> --
> Andreas

The following is what I get if I run a new project with just a TIB_Grid:

main thread ($1a60):
0047ed20 +0bc Project1.exe Graphics TResourceManager.FreeResource
0047fb9f +013 Project1.exe Graphics TFont.Destroy
00404270 +008 Project1.exe System 301 +0 TObject.Free
004c6679 +139 Project1.exe Forms TApplication.Destroy
00404270 +008 Project1.exe System 301 +0 TObject.Free
004b4b35 +019 Project1.exe Controls DoneControls
004b6143 +02b Project1.exe Controls Finalization
00404fed +039 Project1.exe System 301 +0 FinalizeUnits
00454438 +054 Project1.exe madExcept InterceptFinalizeUnits
004053cd +09d Project1.exe System 301 +0 @Halt0
00572b32 +04e Project1.exe Project1 19 +5 initialization
7739490f +010 kernel32.dll BaseThreadInitThunk

Please let me know if you ned any further information - and thanks for your help.