Subject Re: [IBO] D2009 question
Author Jason Wharton
>> I am going through most of my applications and porting them to D2009 as a
>> means to put my final stamp of approval on releasing the sources and I
>> have one application that makes use of dynamic packages. For the life of
>> me I cannot get my host application to recognize classes registered in a
>> package.
> Did you rebuild the host and all the packages in D2009? Also check if
> your host is compiled with runtime packages.


Actually, about an hour ago, thanks to Carlos Cantu's suggestions, I
discovered when I ported my host application from Delphi 7 to Delphi 2009
that the setting to make it use runtime packages was lost in the shuffle.
Once I turned runtime packages back on it was able to load the packages
dynamically again. I was assuming that aspect survived the port.

Jason Wharton