Subject Re: [IBO] IBO for Delphi 2009
Author Martijn Tonies
> IBO 4.8.7 has been stable for Fb 2/2.1 support with the older Delphi model
> for some long time now. The current demand for D2009 compatibility seems
> "urgent" for the relatively small number of shops that have taken it up.
> The issue of UTF8 client support is still wide open for Delphi,
> considering that D2009 on its own can't provide clean or adequate support
> for it and older Delphis need TNT to achieve it. The "unusable Alpha
> Version" thread seems (erroneously) to suggest that IBO has a duty to fix
> what Embarcadero has broken.
>>...and especially when we think that he's trying to do it *alone*...
> *Alone* is not a new situation w.r.t. Jason's IBO development. Two things
> that seem (to me, at least) to be of intense importance now are:
> 1) such substantial R & D costs time and money. For a breadwinner with
> seven children, it's not hard for anyone to figure out that a supply of
> income must be an essential element in the equation.
> 2) without a real-life development environment to test in, Jason is more
> than ever before reliant on field-testers who *can* provide that.
> If a situation arose where both 1) and 2) came rolled up together, i.e.,
> if Jason were in one of more contract development positions with those
> sites that most need the bleeding edge features, it's likely to be
> infinitely more favourable to success and satisfaction all around.
> Just my 0.002 cents-worth.

Delphi 2009 has been in field tests since early 2008, IBO, as always the
few years, has been lagging way behind ... again. Firebird 2 and 2.1
support came way after the initial Firebird betas, this has its effect on
IBO users, like in our product Database Workbench.

Having to provide for 7 children is not what -we- have to deal with.
it be strange that I would start saying to my customers that I cannot spend
more time & money on Upscene because of (well, not children in my case) my

Putting your own burdens upon your customers just isn't fair, is it?

In the past, I've told Jason face to face about new features in Firebird and
implemented support for them 2 years after.

I've been a long time IBO user and hardly ever complained publicly, but I
no longer say to people that IBO is the right choice for Firebird access.
been saying it for the past two years.

IBO is -always- lagging behind. Period.

It wasn't that way a few years ago, which is why I selected it as the main
componentset for all InterBase and Firebird access, but someone somewhere
has stopped devoting time to it and now expects us to "hang on" while
another delay of about a year?

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
Upscene Productions

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