Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Join the beta test
Author m. Th.
Hans wrote:
> No

In Bugs Tracker we have 12 issues from various users and in Feature
Requests Tracker we have 3 issues from 3 (ok, two) users. A special
mention for FeatReq#2687008 submitted by 'nobody'. In fact I logged out
from SF and I tried to see if the Feature Request Tracker works for anyone.

Step by Step Instructions to add a new issue in a tracker:

0. (optional) Log in in - it will give you more advantages like
the ability to track/edit your report etc.

1. Go to project. Use your browser to go at

2. Choose from the menu 'Tracker' (on the top of the page, in the orange
zone) the desired one. Let it be 'Bugs'. The browser should take you at

3. Add an item. On the left-top bellow to the project name you'll find
some links. The 1st one is called 'Add New'. Press it. A form called
'Add Artifact' should appear.

4. Filling the form.
Category: Core Components
Private: [ ] (unchecked)
Group: v 4.9 - 2009
Assigned to: (none)
Priority: 7
Summary: Cannot prepare parametrized inserts (used by TIBODataSet)


Put TIBOQuery and set the SQL to eg. SELECT * FROM T1 (or similar)
Use the editor to automatically generate the Insert/Edit/Delete statements.
The Insert should like:
INSERT INTO T1 (F1, F2) VALUES (:F1, :F2);
which is correct.

Try to prepare/open this. An error will appear.


In IB_Components.Pas change the TIB_ROW.NameParams to

procedure TIB_Row.NameParams;
ii: integer;
RelPos: integer;
//begin change
AColName: ansistring;
tmpStr: ansistring;
//end change
// AColName: string; - the old code
// tmpStr: string; - the old code
... <snip>


...and finally press the [Add Artifact] button.

The browser should return you to the artifacts list. Showing on top the
newly added one. (In my case Bug#2730604). ...Please don't try to add
the above example. It will be a duplicate, I just post it to test the
tracker :-)

If you or anyone else has problems please describe it and I'm willing to


m. Th.