Subject Re: [IBO] Delphi 2009 Support
Author Adrian Wreyford
Hi, Stephan.

Jason has been working at it for some time now. He has had some others involved in the coding aswell. There have been a few holdups though, but Jason in a personal communication remains comitted to IBO.
I asked him about opensourcing it, but he says he will have more time this year to give it his full attention.

Perhaps we can all renew our yearly subscriptions, and help Jason get his equipment and software upgraded aswell.

We are all waiting patiently, and this is a real problem for those of us who rely heavily on IBO .. unfortunately nothing out there comes close, so no real alternatives to date!


Adrian Wreyford

As far as I can tell, you can't switch Delphi 2009 to a comaptibility
mode. So Jason has to do a HUGE amount of work and testing. It's going
to be interesting when the next version will come out. I wouldn't
guess that to be anytime soon, considering the development progress of
the last year or two.



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