Subject Re: [IBO] AnsiString and UTF8
Author tlexsoft
This isn't true. I didn't reach my goal to store russian und spanish characters in one field.
My Test with TIBTable just works fine.

@Jason: Do you plan to support Multibyte-Cahracter-Sets?

--- In, Stefan Heymann <lists@...> wrote:
> > In most of the units AnsiString is used. But with this kind of
> > string a real UTF8-coding isn't possible.
> > I have a string stored in a field of a database (Charset UTF8) and
> > a IB_Connection with Charset UTF8. The content of this field are
> > characters from russian und spanish language.
> > In IBODataset.pas there is a UTF8Decode (Row 3627) from the read
> > content as ansistring! Why you are not using unicodestrings?
> You must remove (or comment out) all those Utf8Decode and Utf8Encode
> calls. Then it will also work with connections with connection
> character set UTF8. This bug was discussed a long time ago and there
> never was an official fix for it. AFAIR there are not a lot of
> occurencies of these calls.
> Best Regards
> Stefan