Subject Re: [IBO] Suggestion to IBODMLCache
Author Jason Wharton
I took up this suggestion and implemented it.

I added a ColConIDName property to store the column in the IBO$DMLCACHE
table that stores the connection ID of the user who initiated the change. In
this way it can work without regard to different user names.

I modified the Survey sample application in order to demonstrate this new

Jason Wharton

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From: "Luiz" <cprmlao@...>
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Sent: Tuesday, September 08, 2009 3:07 AM
Subject: [IBO] Suggestion to IBODMLCache

> Jason,
> I have a suggestion to IBODMLCache.
> Until now, you check for current user to view changes on the database
> table.
> This is ok on fb before 2.0 version.
> But with firebird > 2.0, you could change the code to check for different
> connections instead of different users form the current user to view
> changes
> on a table.
> This is only a suggestion to improvement.
> Luiz