Subject Re: [IBO] 'Freeing' stored procedures to allow them to be updated?
Author Jason Wharton
You need to unprepare them as well as make sure the connection is not
caching statement handles.


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Subject: [IBO] 'Freeing' stored procedures to allow them to be updated?

> Hi all,
> I have a few stored procedures (TIB_StoredProc) that return results that
> are used in reports.
> As long as no-one is running my application I am able to alter the
> procedures and save the changes with no problems (as expected).
> If someone has run a report which calls the procedure, I am unable to save
> any changes (I'm using IBExpert to make the changes) until they close the
> application completely.
> Are there any commands in IBO that 'free up' the stored procedure once
> it's been run to allow me to make and save changes on the server?
> I've tried things like sp.FreeServerResources and sp.UnPrepare but I'm not
> sure what the likely options are for what I'm trying to do as I don't know
> the proper name for it!
> Thanks,
> Bamber.