Subject Re: [IBO] AnsiString and UTF8
Author Jason Wharton
> In most of the units AnsiString is used. But with this kind of string a
> real UTF8-coding isn't possible.
> I have a string stored in a field of a database (Charset UTF8) and a
> IB_Connection with Charset UTF8. The content of this field are characters
> from russian und spanish language.
> In IBODataset.pas there is a UTF8Decode (Row 3627) from the read content
> as ansistring! Why you are not using unicodestrings?

My initial efforts is to have a version of IBO that works in D2009 and D2010
that maintains complete backwards compatibility with the previous ansistring
based versions of Delphi. I likely did not do the older version as I should
have and that lacking is carrying forward. There is a way to work around
these deficiencies and we can take a look at your situation and figure out
the best way to do so.

Once I get this 4.9.x officially released, which should be soon I hope (a
few bugs are yet being worked on), I will then begin what will be more or
less a total rewrite of IBO that will only work with D2009 and higher
versions of Delphi. In this way I plan to make it so that it will take full
opportunity to utilize all of the new capabilities. I have been maintaining
backwards compatibility all the way back to Delphi 3. This is a lot of
weight to carry. It makes each release take so much longer to verify it on
over a dozen configurations.


So, feel free to start registering all of your hopes and desires for IBO 5.x
when I undertake to do a massive rewrite of it.

Jason Wharton