Subject RE: [IBO] Execute procedure with Returning
Author Kevin Stanton

Why not use a TIB_StoredProc?

Then you could get the return value by FieldByName.

Or you could use the TIBOQuery and do a select * from MyStoredProcedure and
then use the FieldByName as well.




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Of Robert martin
Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2009 4:12 PM
Subject: [IBO] Execute procedure with Returning


I have a procedure that inserts a record and returns a value. I need to
call it with Execute procedure otherwise the insert fails. When I try

'Execute procedure xxx(...) RETURNING fieldName' I get an error 'Token
unknown RETURNING'. I am using FB 2.0.x and IBOQuery, IB version 4.8.7
and D2007. Any idea what is wrong?

While I am asking am I correct that I would use the params field of the
component to read back the value returned?


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