Subject Re: [IBO] IBOAdmin .. verbose output, timestamp on start and finish.
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

> Is it possible to get a timestamp on start and finish of the backup or restore, using verbose output.
> Eg: gbak:starting transaction 2009/09/22 19:56:55:34
> gbak:closing files, committing, and finishing. 2009/09/22 19:56:56:03 547840 bytes written

The verbose output comes directly from the engine, so there is no way to
influence that.

But how about simply having your own TStringList, add a line with the
timestamp upon ServiceStart, add the verbose output in the loop to the
string list and upon Detach, add another line with a timestamp. Then
it's up to what you want to do with the string list, e.g. saving to a
file ...

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