Subject Re: [IBO] Fw: IBOAdmin Backup Service - Verbose := True;
Author Woody
From: "Adrian Wreyford" <wreymed@...>
> Hi,
> If I create a bakcup Service, and run it with Login Prompt False, and
> Verbose False, then it works.
> If however, I Set Verbose to True, it hangs in an infinite loop.
> What do I have to do to display the verbose output??
> Why if login prompt is set to true, are ou not given a login prompt.

When you set Verbose to true, you must call for each line of the log while
the backup is running. Something like this:

while not MyBackupService.EOF do begin
sMessage := MyBackupService.GetNextLine;
// do something with sMessage like add to list box


Woody (TMW)