Subject Re: [IBO] Performance..
Author Gordon Hamm
Yes, on the same machine. I have everything set to read only, no commits, just doing a simple

Select * from HedgeData Order By TradeDateTime

Then, loop and get fields..

I guess a Stored Proc is possible, but would be very very hard do, as Id have to write tons of UDF stuff.
Im wondering if it would be faster to dump it to a DBF etc and just read the file..

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Subject: RE: [IBO] Performance..

Hello Gordon

Obvious question - is the database on the same machine as the app?

Why no way for stored procedure? or is that challenge for the community ;-)


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> Hi,
> Im using Firebird 2.1.
> I have a table that has about 8 fields of prices and a
> date/timestamp field.
> There are about 7 million records.
> There is only one index, and thats on the time stamp field.
> I have a routine that does a simple sql select and orders on
> the date/time field (That has an index)
> I then loop through the entire table, and do some complex
> math etc on the data.. top to bottom..
> Then, I do it again and again, testing some modeling
> parameters or "What if"
> stuff. I will litterally loop through it 500 times..
> No, there is no way to do this in a stored proc..
> Anyway, It works fine, but I was doing it on my pentium 4,
> took about 5 minutes for each iteration.
> memory usage was small, and CPU was only about 30 %.
> I went out and bought a quad core , with more memory, much
> faster cpu and bus, faster drives etc..
> Its only a tiny bit faster now.. Im so discouraged with it..
> I can imagine why its not many times faster..
> Any idea what the bottle neck might be? I am doing a
> unidirection query, to save memory, that helps, Im not using
> "Fieldbyname", getting the field directly by
> TempQuery.Fields.Fields[12].AsFloat.
> I dont know what else to do..
> Gordon
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