Subject [IBO] Re: IBO and Report Builder 10.x
Author russellbelding
Thank you for your advice Markus. I'll try that tomorrow morning.
--- In, "Markus Ostenried" <macnoz@...>
> On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 10:22, russellbelding <russell@...> wrote:
> > Hi Markus
> >
> > I am using RB 10.09. A file required by IBOPipeline_D2007D.dpk is
> > dclRBP10105.dcp ,which is not in my RB installation. Do you have
> > Thanks,
> > Russell
> I'm not sure if using a binary from an older version of RB will
> Instead you should try to fix the dependencies on on the RB
> Open IBOPipeline_D2007D.dpk and in the "requires" section remove the
> entries rbIDE10105, rbCT10105, and dclRBP10105.
> If you now recompile the package then Delphi should ask you if you
> want to add the necessary packages, which you want to accept. I just
> tried that but Delphi threw an exception, so I added the packages
> mentioned in the dialog myself (I didn't need to add the rbCT*
> though).
> You might need to do the same with the runtime package
> IBOPipeline_D2007R.dpk, too.
> If this doesn't fix your problem then contact me off list and I can
> still send you my compiled files.
> HTH,
> Markus