Subject Re: [IBO] backupService
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi Rob,

> I am trying to use the TIBOBackupService. I have copied code from
> another app that uses it successfully but am getting the following error.
> 'Interbase library gds32.dll not found in the path. Please install
> Interbase to use this functionality'.
> The problem is that the other app that uses (what appears to be)
> Identical code works fine on this machine. The error occurs trying to
> set Active to true.
> The code follows. (the component has all defaults except setting the
> protocol to TCp/IP
> with IBOBackupService do begin
> ServerName := 'XI';
> LoginPrompt := False;
> Params.Add('user_name=SYSDBA');
> Params.Add('password=masterkey');
> try
> Active := True;
> except
> on e : exception do begin
> MessageDlg('Could not activate backup, the following
> error occured..' + #13#13 + e.Message, mtInformation, [mbOk], 0);
> Continue := False;
> end;
> end;
> ... more code follows inc setting backup and source database.
> Any suggestions ?

For a quick test, what happens, when you first connect to the database
with e.g. a TIB_Connection component and then execute the code?

AFAIK, the IBOAdmin components have a weird IF condition somewhere where
it checks if the client library has been loaded. It for sure gets loaded
when being connected to the database.

Best Regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer
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