Subject Re: [IBO] Read-Only Database with Firebird 2.1.1 and IBObjects 4.8.7
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> --- In, Thomas Steinmaurer <ts@...> wrote:
>>> --- In, Thomas Steinmaurer <ts@> wrote:
>>>>> [snip]
>>>>>> from rdb$relation_fields
>>>>>> where rdb$default_source is not null
>>>>> The statement above fails and leads to the error message.
>>>>> I have no idea why, possibly it is related to using RDB$DB_KEY
> in
>>> the
>>>>> statement, although the above query works fine on the read-only
>>> database
>>>>> in isql.
>>>> Btw, it's the where clause. For example, changing the where
> clause
>>> to
>>>> allows me to execute the query with IBO and FB 2.1. Both
> statements
>>> work
>>>> fine with Firebird 2.0 and IBO. Weird.
>>> Yes I just tried it again: I created a complete new database
> file,
>>> just with one table
>>> create table test ( test integer default 0);
>>> after using gfix with parameter -mode read_only I can't execute
> the
>>> above statement.
>>> When I change the table and don't use the "default 0"-part in it,
>>> everything works fine.
>> Btw, do you have an database properties at connection level like
>> ForcedWrites, ReservePageSpace, ... set to non default values?
>> This will reproduce the error message, but already at connect time.
> That's it! I set the CharSet-Property of TIB_Connection-Component to
> ISO8859_1 (because I always do this without thinking about it). The
> Query produces no error message, when this property is set to an
> empty string.

Setting the character set should be able for read-only databases.

> I don't understand the coherence of this property and the problem in
> fetching a dataset of this query and why this is a problem in v2.1
> and not in v2.0, but this seems to be the solution.

So this really sounds like a Firebird bug to me. I know also can
reproduce this issue with isql. I've sent an email to the firebird-devel

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