Subject RE: [IBO] Re: How to set forced writes?
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:22 PM 1/07/2008, Calin Pirtea wrote:
>Hi Tiago,
>You can set forced writes programmatically using IBO if:
>1) Set the TIB_connection.ForcedWrites to True BEFORE you connect to the database.
>2) Connect to the database. Now the property will become read only however the database itself has forced writes turned on.
>Same applies if you want to reset the Forced Writes.

Oops, Calin, it is true - and it is not meant to be.

From ODS 10 onward, actions that change the header attributes of databases were meant to be accessed only through a SPB (Service Parameter Block), deprecating the old (and dangerous) situation that allows any user to do it through "any old DPB". Some of the old parameters became a bit flaky...but this one is alive and kicking. Oh dear, oh dear!

Worse still, Firebird 2 and higher (ODS 11 and above) were meant to make this possible ONLY through a SPB, i.e. the honeymoon was meant to be over.

But in fact *any user* can still change the write mode through the old API DPB and, hence, can still put the database into a state where FW is switched on or off whilst there are active attachments. Tested with both Fb 1.5.5 and 2.0.4. (Not tested with 2.1.x yet, but I have that sinking feeling that it might still be slipping beneath the QA radar....)


I'll grab Alex Peshkov on ICQ later today and ask him to take a look.