Subject Re: [IBO] For next release if possible
Author Salvatore Besso

maybe this thread could be a good occasion to speak of this. At every new IBO release I change the folder structure, I
modify the package files and I create a new set of them with no debug options. Furthermore I have created a batch file
that rebuilds all the files using the command line compiler. At the end I have the following folder structure:

|___Debug packages

Of course I have moved all the files in the correct folders and the modified packages are changed in order to
automatically put dcu's in the correct folders as well (both standard and debug versions) using relative paths. Using
only D2007 I have only one lib/debug folder, but thinking to adopt this solution it is possible to create separate
lib/debug folders for every supported version.

The "Logs" folder serves to store compilation log files, since dcc32 instruction in the batch file redirects compiler
output to such files. Then, using a small command line utility that I have written by myself, the log file is scanned
and analyzed for errors in the same batch file, just after compilation has finished, showing the file name and the line
number where the error has occurred. In this way I'm able to show compilation success/failure in the batch file itself.

In my opinion this might be a good starting point to restructure the whole IBO package that, always in my opinion :-),
it's a bit cahotic as it is now. Moreover I suppose that you can call this batch file from the installer, if required.
The only con's is that separate batch files and separate lib folders are required for every supported version. If you
are interested I can give you all that is required.