Subject Re: [IBO] Auto-resolve conflicting auto-numbers
Author jeffplata
Hans, if you are referring to the "auditable series" ti, then yes I
have read it. The technique presented is more of a server centric
approach - what I want to do is do it mostly on the client, with the
help of IB_Query.OnError event if possible. What I understand based on
discussions on this list is that most people use OnError to customize
error messages. Is there a way to use this event as a "correct-error
and re-post" spot as I've described in my original post? Is there
another event for this purpose?

Thanks in advance.

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> There is a white paper on IBO's Homepage
> addressing that issue.
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> Subject: [IBO] Auto-resolve conflicting auto-numbers
> > Hello,
> >
> > I have this program that assigns unique number (JEVNO) to each record
> > added in a table (JEVS). it's not an auto-increment field, its a
> > varchar type assigned by the client program, defined unique in the
> > table. When more than one users are using the program at the same
> > time, it is always possible that they generate identical JEVNO
> > numbers, so the program throws an EIB_ISCError ERRCODE 335544665. The
> > user beaten to using the contested number can manually change the
> > number, then save. It works, but rather inconvenient. I was trying to
> > use tib_query.OnError event, but it seems I am not permitted to do a
> > Post inside the onerror event. My OnError code is shown below. What I
> > am trying to do is autoresolve the number conflict then save without
> > the user having to change it manually. What is the better way to
do this?
> >
> > TIA
> > Jeff
> >