Subject Re: [IBO] XLSQL Reports Scheduler
Author Ramil
zadidiz wrote:

> I found XLSQL Reports Scheduler is very useful thing! It's much better
> than all other reporting tools IMHO.
> I tried to work with Fast Reports Studio before. XLSQL Reports
> Scheduler gives me much more.
> Full access to database, including data modification. My reports tasks
> have database-oriented conditions.
> Native Excel-reports is the best for my customers.
> Thank you Ramil. Great tool!

Thanks Denis, I appreciate your response.

> Can I mail a lot of messages (about thousand) with registered version
> of your Scheduler?

Yes, you can. Besides, I'm working at optimisation (multithreading).
I deeply hope, that you are not spammer :)

> Can I execute RSQL-reports in my applications?

You need "XLSQL Reports for IB Objects" delphi-component.
You can find Evaluation version in Files section of this support
XLSQL Reports Scheduler is constructed on this component.
You can buy it as soon as Jason will start its selling.

> Where can I get more documentation?

In the "Docs" folder of XLSQL Reports Scheduler you can find RSQL
language referense.
You can find the additional information in "XLSQL Reports for IBO"
Documentation about the Scheduler are not present while. I consider it
very easy to understand, how it works.
Quality of the documentation leaves much to be desired, Jason promised
to help with it.

> How much it will cost?

Good news! I have decided, that Scheduler license is free of charge
for XLSQL Reports delphi-component customers. I have not solved yet,
how much it will separately cost. I should discuss it with Jason.

Best regards,
Ramil khabibr@...