Subject Re: [IBO] Generators as rows IDs
Author Daniel Rail

At Sunday, March 30, 2008, 6:31 PM, Fernando Azevedo wrote:

> I use IBO and Firebird in a simple Delphi book catalog program I
> developed. The PKs consist in firebird generators, triggered to
> increment before each insert, as usual.The problem with this method (not
> for me, of course, but for a client of mine) is that when we insert and
> do not commit, the ID (the table PK) is lost, and therefore not used in
> the next insert. This really annoys my client, because I use the ID in
> grids, and as search parameters.
> So, what do you suggest me? Is it possible for IBO to increment the
> value only after commit? How will that affect my program?

Have you looked at the information provided in the technical
information sheets on IB Objects website.

Here's the direct link to something that you would find useful:

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