Subject Re: Help understanding query param anomaly
Author ifitsx
> Why not show us the actual SQL so that one doesn't have to iterate
through 1001 possible scenarios?

Yes, that is a reasonable question: Am I the only one who is getting
emails from Lyris ListManager when I post code:

"The following lines in your email message did not appear to be
Lyris ListManager commands and were skipped:"

blah blah blah

Needless to say, I've become paranoid about submitting code on these
Yahoo groups because sometimes it appears, sometimes it doesn't and
sometimes SOME of it does and SOME doesn't which doesn't do much for
intelligent postings.

Here goes again - my fingers are crossed.

PK (FOLDERID) is generated in a trigger.

NewFolderName is returned from the InputQuery dialog, and is always
exactly what it needs to be

qryAddFolder.Params.Items[0].AsInteger := FocusedFolderID;
qryAddFolder.Params.Items[1].AsInteger := 0;// stuff for templates
qryAddFolder.Params.Items[2].AsString := NewFolderName;