Subject Re: Help understanding query param anomaly
Author ifitsx
Perhaps like most, when the really weird happens, almost always there
is some logical reason and analogous remedy realized.

I'm still looking, however, and I may even settle for a good juju
stick to wave at this spook-ridden component.

In attempting to debug this, out of about 30 inserts, only once have I
been able to see the erroneous (original value from first insert) value
appear in the tool-tip debugger, despite it appearing again and again
in the new FB 1.54 record.

The remedy I have sought - which seems almost ridiculous - is to assign
the IBOQuery component a SELECT statement, and then open the result set
and close it.

This indeed 'flushes the pipes' and makes the IBOQuery
'uncontaminated' again, but I hope for some other remedy to return to
the rational ;)