Subject RE: [IBO] Re: Master Detail Problem
Author Rick Howitt
Found the problem. It had to do with TIB_Connection settings.

From what I can deduce, If I set DefaultNoTrimming=True, the key fields
that include blank data( ' ' ) work correctly in linking Master and Details
via parameters, but then all the CHAR fields are padded with blanks (which
is not good). If I then set DefaultNoTrailing = True, this has no affect,
char(s) are still padded with blanks. (DefaultNoTrimming appears to trump
DefaultNoTrailing). Since I want DefaultNoTrailing to work I set
DefaultNoTrimming = False and looked for another solution, which I found.

I set FieldEntryTypes = DomainName

And then setup ColumnAttributes, I added DSection=YESTRAILING

When creating the database I used Domains to set up most of the basic data
types that are used throughout the schema.

DSection is a domain.

I really had to dig to find all this stuff, and still don't know the full
power of things like ColumnAttributes.

As an example where are the valid settings for ColumnAttributes defined?

Rick Howitt


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Of Jason Wharton
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2008 9:17 PM
Subject: RE: [IBO] Re: Master Detail Problem

> I did some futher investigating.... I came up with a very simple
> program that had 1 master and 1 detail TwwiboQuery .
> The master data has 4 columns that the detail will use in a
> parameterized query. One of the columns in the master may contain ''
> (blank) data, but never null.
> When I compile and run the program in Delphi 2005, the detail data is
> found correctly. When I run the program in Delphi 2007 the program
> does not find the detail rows that have blanks in the Master.
> Is there a setting I'm missing or what?

Perhaps you could do a diff between the SQL trace monitor results for each
and spot a difference?

Jason Wharton

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