Subject RE: [IBO] IB_Cursor commits automatic on Error
Author Alan McDonald
> > From a performance POV it's certainly an effective way to slow down
> > your operation. Rather than using this approach to feed a progress
> > bar or whatever, I'm much more comfortable with running an executable
> > procedure in a IB_DSQL, that returns a summary upon completion...or a
> > simple exception if it fails. Fast execution, no cleanup to do, and
> > you can do a simple character animation in a status bar to emulate a
> > progress indicator if your users want feedback.
> When I run the SP in a IB_DSQL and the SP takes for example 10 minutes,
> then I can't give the user a feedback until the SP has finished. That's
> why I use it a selectable SP. The only solution would be, to run the
> IB_SQL in a different process, but that's too complex in this situation.
> Regards
> Guido

another alternative is to parametise your SP so that it does chunks per
parameter. Each single chunk (completion) returns a value) and provides
feedback between chunks. I use this method with good effect.