Subject RE: [IBO] UDF and Fb 2.x
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi Fico!

Try asking this question on The ibobjects list is great for asking IBO-specific questions, but for questions relating to Firebird rather than IBO, firebird-support is the preferred list (well, at least for released Firebird versions like version 2.0.2, for questions about beta versions you have to ask other places).


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Subject: [IBO] UDF and Fb 2.x


I have several UDF that they have as result a PCHAR and
gives an error me of fbclient.dll in FireBird (2.0.2 and
2.1 beta), the DLL estan compiled in Delphi 2007. In
Firebird 1.5.x works well.

You have some idea on the subject?

Thanks in advance.