Subject RE: [IBO] Keypreview causing problems with IB_EDIT and eating last character
Author Jason Wharton

> On a large application we have used KeyPreview for some added
> navigation
> and shortcut key editing on many forms.
> Since about release 4.6 and maybe earlier, when KeyPreview at the form
> level is turned on.
> Start with a blank field, data value NULL
> Edit the field and add some new data.
> Upon tabbing out of the field, or pressing the DB Update bar post the
> last character will be truncated off and the rest posted to
> the dataset.
> If data already exists in the field, it seems to have no effect.
> These are about the only patterns I see so far.

If you could, please provide a simple little app that demonstrates this and
that will help me get it fixed more quickly.

Jason Wharton

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