Subject RE: [IBO] New file uploaded to IBObjects
Author Jason Wharton
> File : /
> Uploaded by : metaalan <alan@...>
> Description : DataSource Artifact Persistent Field Example
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I took a look at this sample app and what I could tell is you are
eliminating the field in the master dataset that the detail dataset relies
upon in order to have the master-detail relationship.

If you define NO persistent TField objects then by default you get a TField
object for every column returned in the dataset. If you define one or more
persistent TField objects then there won't be any additional TField objects
created for you.

If the TField object you need to manage the master-detail dataset is missing
then your master-detail relationships will not work.

Thanks for taking the time to produce this sample application so that I
could be sure there wasn't a problem in IBO.

Jason Wharton