Subject Re: [IBO] AlterUserand FB2
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:06 AM 17/08/2007, you wrote:
>I use IBO 4.8 and FB 2.0.2, when I want to use the IB_Session.AlterUser
>function to add a user to the security database, I get the following
>Access violation at address 7C34FEDC in module 'MSVCR71.dll'. Read of
>address 0547000C.
>The same problem with exists with IB_SQL.
>When I switch back to FB 1.5 all works fine again.
>Is it possible to use the AlterUser function with FB 2 at all?

As far as I understand it, no. With Fb 2 the ability to access the
new security database has been limited to accessing it via a view and
must be done using the Services API. However, trying to do it via
the standard API should not cause an AV but an exception.

Firebird 2.0.2 has not been released yet so I assume you are using a
snapshot build. The error you are encountering is occurring as a
result of a call from the client library. First double-check that
you are using the correct client library and, if not, try again with
the correct one. If the AV still occurs, please post a bug
description into firebird-devel as soon as possible, providing as
much info as possible (build numbers, server environment and model, etc., etc.)