Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery - master child relationship
Author Woody
From: "Alan McDonald" <alan@...>
>> At 03:26 PM 16/08/2007, Alan McDonald wrote:
>> >And you have created the field as a persistant field? it won't
>> work with IBO
>> >components if it's not made persistent.
>> Not true, Alan. As with the VCL, creating persistent field objects
>> with TIBO* is optional. It is the case that the TDataset will create
>> its own persistent field objects at runtime if it needs them, but it
>> has never been the case that PFOs were required.
>> Helen
> I know they're not required, but in all my reports which use IBO
> (TDataset)
> components, unless I persist a field which another datasource expects to
> source FROM, then the sourcing fails. The query itself is fine, but the
> sourcing fails.

Sounds more like a bug in the reporting software. I have never, nor will I
ever, use persistent fields. They are a PITA and cause more problems than
they solve, IMHO.

Woody (TMW)