Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery - master child relationship
Author Robert martin

> I assume you mean Datasource. TIBOQuery doesn't have a Mastersource property.
Yes. Sorry I did mean DataSource.
> 1. Make sure the SP actually is a selectable procedure. If it
> doesn't return its output via a SUSPEND statement, it's not a
> selectable procedure.

Yes it is a selectable procedure. It runs fine when first opened (for
the current item in the master ) but when the record in the master
record changes the results do not update (and yes they should be different).

> 2. What's the actual fieldname of the linking key? Is it ItemRef or
> "ItemRef"? They're not the same.
ItemRef (no double quotes)

> 3. Is ItemRef in the master a unique key? The M/D linkage will be
> garbled if it's not.

Yes it is the primary key of the master.

> 4. And I suppose this should be the first check: have you actually
> tested the SP independently, with parameters, to see whether it
> returns the output you expect?
Yup. The results are perfect.


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